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Christopher Lugo This track is dope. Nice collab on all fronts. can't wait for the album.
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The first track from Open Optiks (Ak iLL & Dj iLLogik)...after this track was completed, we knew there was some sick chemistry, and enough to commit to a full project.

'Medicine' represents a stream of ideas - the role music plays in society, our role in preserving culture, and our part in understanding the human virus and its destiny to infect the world with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. It's poetry. It's life. It's two turntables and a mic.

It's Hip Hop, y'all.


Ak iLL & Dj iLLogik

'Medicine' is just a taste of things to come. Our full project, 'Optimism', is coming soon! Keep your optiks open! O₂


Verse 1
This be that iLLogik fix,
Ak iLL on the front line,
Mic police state, on the beat like I’m one time,
5-0 raps, I must bang when its crunch time,
These lunch time snacks are Little Debbie’s in sunshine,
Corn ball cats,
Stand back, you don’t want mine,
Stellar on the track, parallax on the bass line,
Chillin in the cut, droppin 3’s from the baseline,
Stopped eatin emcees, it was bad for my waistline,
Asteroid belt,
Coordinated with spacetime,
It’s Universe City,
What I Press when the stakes climb,
Try to stay Focused, pay attention with change,
But now a penny for your thoughts,
Is a benji for your brain,
It’s insane how we sellin it,
Livin like we celibate,
Not givin a -WHAT!-
We outta touch like it’s delicate,
Fifth element flow son,
It’s all relative,
This rhetoric is evidence we settle for the settlement,
We’re all delegates,
Known to set precedents,
In sediment with sentiment,
We fight to keep relevant,
All city with flows like Con Edison,
If knowledge is the power,
Then the plant better let us in,
We are the medicine

We are the medicine (x 2)
Vaccine and the cure,
For the hip hop heads that be lookin for the pure
We are the medicine (x 2)

Verse 2
Hippocratic, lymphatic,
immune to the tune,
We were destined for the blessin,
Now we’re reachin for the broom,
From the womb to the tomb,
Fell a victim to the boom,
Once bitten, twice shy,
In the emergency room,
Could never be a doctor,
Cuz I don’t have the patience,
I just write scripts,
You’re just too numb to take it,
Or too dumb to fake it,
Just break it and swallow,
Take two 16’s,
And come and see me tomorrow,
It’s UP, a direction to follow,
Or lead if it seems,
We’re stuck below the mean of being,
More focused, eyes on the topics,
Pickin up the beats,
Whenever they can drop it,
Try to make change,
Even if it’s in your pocket,
Home on the range, in a cage with a lockpick,
Stop it,
Know the ledge and the optiks,
And fly if they try to convince you that you not sick,
It’s toxic,
It’s toxic,


released May 17, 2015
FlexVocal on the beat.
Ak iLL on the rhymes.
dj illogik on the cuts.

Nixon: mixing & mastering.



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Open Optiks Maryland

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